Green cake with spinach

The green cake with spinach is a very special dessert for the presence of vegetable in the preparation which, however, gives it a unique flavour. The process is very simple and similar to the mimosa cake: after having stuffed with whipped cream and strawberries, it’s covered with grren cake for a spectacular touch. So, why not prepare it and let your guests guess the secret ingredient? When you’ll disclose it, they will remain stunned!

Time: 1h30min

Ingredients for 4 serves:
– 400g of flour
– 200g of spinach
– 200g of strawberries
– 200g of sugar
– 16g of yeast
– 500ml of whipping cream
– 200ml og oilseed
– 4 eggs
– butter
– vanilla essence

1. Clean the spinach and boil them in water.
2. Preheat the oven at 180°C.
3. Squeeze the spinach and blend with the oilseed.
4. In a bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar, untile they’re foamy.
5. Add the spinach and mix.
6. Add flour, yeast and vanilla essence and stir the mixture.
7. Greas a baking tray and pour in it the mixture; bake for 40 minutes at 180°C.
8. Rremove from the oven the cake and allow it to cool.
9. Clean and cut into four parts the strawberries; whip the cream.
10. Cut the cake into two disks, gettinge the green crumbs.
11. Fill the bake with strawberries and half of whipped cream.
12. Cover the cake with the other disk and frost it with the remaining cream; cover with green crumbs.
13. Serve!

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